About the Author

Born weeks ahead of schedule weighing barely over 4 lbs.  Although time was spent in an incubator, the first indication that something was not quite as expected was when the time came to sit up alone.

For the first four years, I attended a school with the words “for crippled children”  in the name.  In addition to academics, the curriculum included physical therapy.

Fourth grade, brought on a big change!  Transfer to the “regular” school.  Of course, there were moments when I felt sorry for myself, wondering why I couldn’t be like  everyone else.  It turns out that I was better than a lot of them because I was one of the top achievers in my class for years!  The teachers wanted me to skip 6th grade, but my parents nixed the idea.  Didn’t want my sister, a late year b-day person, to have a “complex” from us being in the same grade.  I graduated high school in the top 15-20% of a class of over 500.

MAINSTREAMING not only benefits the challenged child by providing exposure to the real world; the “normal” kids are exposed to differences which teaches compassion and acceptance and hopefully, decreases taunting with names like “crip” and “weeble.”  Not to brag, but if those taunters could see me NOW!!


  • Earned a Bachelor’s & MBA by attending evening and some weekend classes, this was pre-online class craze, while working full-time (since the age of 20) as a switchboard operator, accounting clerk, bookkeeper and accountant.
  • Have lived on my OWN since 25!!!!

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