FREE Webinar

The Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center is conducting this FREE webinar to have an interactive discussion on making evidence-based long term cerebral palsy care decisions.  The program is designed for patients, parents, caregivers, and allied medical professionals.  

Topics Include:

  • What are we treating and why? Discussing common misconceptions regarding the neurological and orthopedic treatment of CP.
  • Balancing short-term pediatric improvements with the potential for adverse long-term consequences of invasive procedures or therapies.
  • Interactive Q&A session with the experts.

Speakers are:

  • Linn Katus, DO, MSc

    Pediatric & Adult Neurology, Childhood Movement Disorders

    Headshot of Linn Katus, DO, MSc, Cerebral Palsy
  • Paulo Selber, MD

    Pediatric & Adult Orthopedic Surgery, Gait Analysis

    Headshot of Paulo R. Selber, MD, Cerebral Palsy Expert
  • Jan Moskowitz, LCSW (Moderator)

    Mental Health & Psychotherapy

    Headshot of Jan Moskowitz, Cerebral Palsy

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Staying Active

Medical professionals advise all to remain active as we age. Well, that is more important for adults living with CP. Recent studies give us suggestions of what to do such as increase isometric strength and lets us know the benefits gained from it. The strength gained contributes to lowering the occurrence of bone related conditions.

Of course, talk it over with your medical team, but here are a few exercises to try.

Want someone to workout with? Inclusive Fitness Options