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Handi Capable Fitness (HCF) is the brainchild of James Norris and his trainer.  HCF is a platform to help folks achieve their goals.

Core Beliefs:

• Everyone deserves to live a life they’re proud of.

• No challenge can stop you from doing the amazing things you want to.

• Physical activity strengthens both the mind and body.

• Encouraging others to get out and active is part of improving your own life.

Handi Capable Fitness, James Norris

Other Fitness Options

Adult CP Research Surveys

Adult CP Research Study on Well-being, Functional Changes, Stigma, and Pain

Functional changes, adult CP research, cerebral palsy, surveys

Your participation will help improve care for adults with Cerebral Palsy.

We will use results to report on:

  • Pain experiences
  • Treatments that work
  • Patterns of functional change and well-being


Parent/Caregiver of someone under 18, click here.