Cerebral Palsy Resource

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation has published the Cerebral Palsy Resource.  A digital resource that provides reliable information and resources to help navigate this journey more easily.  One dedicated area of the publication is Research and Clinical Trials.  Each month, there’s a new list of trials.

Some post-pediatric focused topics covered are:

  • How to set up an accessible and comfortable home office
  • Sleep and painCerebral Palsy Resource, CP resource, research
  • ADA’s 30th anniversary
  • My journey of finding accessible apartments


More Resources

EVERYone can ride!

FATWHEELS makes it possible for EVERYone to have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while biking.  Other than absorbing the beauty, what can be gained from riding you wonder?

Not only does biking increase leg, and core strength, a huge PLUS in counteracting the neurological effects of CP, other benefits are:

  • Weight management
  • A clearer mind, and decreased stress
  • Improved balance, posture, and coordination
  • It’s low impact
  • BONUS……less than $300 (shipping additional)     

Riding delivers freedom and control.  Whether you choose to go fast or slow, the muscles get a workout.  A win all around when you consider the cost of an adult accessibility trike can easily be over 1K!

Biking, exercise, workout


Biking not for you?  Other options