Adult CP Research Surveys

Adult CP Research Study on Well-being, Functional Changes, Stigma, and Pain

Functional changes, adult CP research, cerebral palsy, surveys

Your participation will help improve care for adults with Cerebral Palsy.

We will use results to report on:

  • Pain experiences
  • Treatments that work
  • Patterns of functional change and well-being


Parent/Caregiver of someone under 18, click here.


The Weinberg Family CP Center partners with patients and their families for research that stems from clinical practice, and designed to improve care.  The center conducts clinical research projects which focus on developing new tools to improve outcomes and quality of life for people with CP.  Improvement that is spearheaded with new discoveries and innovative treatments.

The state of the art Carmel Lab uses activity-based therapies, including electrical stimulation and motor training in attempts to repair brain-spinal cord connections. Ongoing research projects

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