Cerebral Palsy Positive highlights achievements while sharing information regarding the coexistence of aging and Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Cerebral Palsy Positive’s mission is to share information regarding the coexistence of aging and Cerebral Palsy (CP) and to disprove the negative views of Cerebral Palsy that many in society have; including, money-hungry attorneys, health insurance companies, staffing companies, etc.  Everyone is not interested in understanding that there are several types of CP and each has varying degrees of severity. Unlike the negative propaganda, the information here is from FIRST HAND REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE. Parents, I can imagine the initial shock of being told that your little bundle of joy isn’t perfect. However, DO NOT let  the ads of the money-hungry attorneys intimidate you! Instead, realize that your child can live a fulfilling and productive life.

What was the catalyst of this venture?  In early 2008, based on MRI results, a spasticity specialist advised me to consult a neurosurgeon. I knew this was NOTHING good……it was lumbar spinal stenosis.  Ultimately, I had a laminectomy/fusion.  Mind you, I worked out 3 days/wk and hadn’t experienced any problems prior to the radiating pain that led to the specialist.  Then, almost 6 years later the same procedure at a different lumbar level.  It has not been verified that the surgeries were a result of the strain that my gait has put on my hamstrings, spine, hips, etc over the years, but there have been discussions.  Since I REFUSE to entertain the thought of a 3rd lumbar surgery being in my future, a lot of research has been part of my present.  YES, the days of treatment ending once you age out of pediatrics, are dwindling!!  See centers here.



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